Key to a content life lies in between two
thoughts - Stay put there. You have arrived.

Everyone can be free from the mental chaos - it's about rooting in the consciousness



Alkyme Initiative

Alkyme is a paradigm shift in the traditional thought methodologies and practices.
Unlike other traditional systems which base upon 
mind-based learning acquisition - Alkyme introduces a more efficient system which is based on an innovative principle which is named as  ‘consciousness -based learning’. This learning paradigm anchors one beyond the mind-level awareness and is more productive, efficient  and fail-proof.

The prime focus is on the synthesis of Ancient Wisdom, Modern Science and Philosophy to deliver the much needed transformation blueprint for all-round success of an individual. These can be applied   in unison and are very effective in providing a deeper and enriching life  experience which is about right understanding and balance. Alkyme was born, as there was need for an evidence-based training ecosystem in the area of personal transformation and even though  there are some organisations working actively towards this goal - results are still eluding, as individuals lack the inner drive and  Alkyme Initiative passion for reaching their full potential!

Set Yourself Free!

As Founder and Chief Mentor at Alkyme, I  specialise in evidence-based thought transformation and my approach is based on  a proven, value-based path-breaking  paradigm - primarily rooted in the  methodology of ‘Consciousness-based  Learning’. 

 I am a Postgraduate in Technology  Management having many years of corporate  experience and am successfully handling various  leadership roles and positions. 

Earlier in my career, I have worked with  leading global organisations and had been  associated with partner and customer organisations from countries like Japan, South  Korea, Australia, UAE and India. 

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Alkyme Programs
Set Yourself Free!

- Are you struggling to move forward and achieve your goals?

- Is there an experience of self-conflict and feeling of stress!

- Do you feel lack of clarity in mind and in subsequent actions

There is another dimension within you to which you could retreat and activate a new way of looking at life and work...It is beyond the mind/body apparatus and can be triggered by your own efforts if you understand how to do it.

You can register for a private counselling session (Online) with our Chief Mentor by registering HERE

Participation: Online
Duration: 1 Hr Slots

Alkyme Master Practitioner Program

Alkyme certified Master Practitioner Program (MPP) is a specialised program for practising and aspiring trainers and coaches. This program build is on the foundation of coaching practice by adding the dimension of 'Consciousness-based Learning' into the traditional training system, they are already familiar with. MPP shifts their perspective from a Mind-focussed approach to a conscious/ aware evidence-driven approach.

Participation: Individual / Group
Duration: 2 Days

Leadership and Corporate Success

Conscious Leadership

Alkyme has designed a very innovative programme exclusively for the corporate leadership. Consciousness-based leadership traits are infused with sharp business acumen and is conducive in building a great enterprise.
Leadership Culture enhancement is driven by becoming more conscious in every action one takes and on working without the burden of past failures and future anxiety.  

Alkyme Masterclass

Masterclass is an intensive One-day Personal Transformation workshop which turns out to be a true life changing experience for any individual. The programme includes a combination of theoretical and experiential sessions to delve deeper into one’s inner realm and understand about methods to harness into the core of one’s true Self... 

Participation: Individual / Group
Duration: 2 Days

Celebrity & VIP Consulting

Leadership Culture enhancement is driven by becoming more conscious in every action one takes and on working without the burden of past failures and future anxiety. Alkyme makes you live the moment and deliver the maximum in the best of your intent.

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Alkyme Program (3 Hrs)
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Shine Gopal Chairman - IMark Group of Companies

"Vidyaraj is the most authentic, and innovative thought leader in personal transformation space. He not only talks the talk, but walks the walk in all aspects of his life. His programs infused with the profound knowledge of ancient wisdom backed with science is the need for everyone in the present world."

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Dr. M C Dileep Kumar Former Vice Chancellor

"Vidyaraj is a person full of confidence and he thinks differently. As a visionary, he is capable of exploring the human mind and is an expert to enthuse it with positive thought pattern. 'Act and reshape the inside - not the outside' is the main content of his training. His trainings are transformative and worth having in the present competitive world."

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Sudhakaran Namboodiri Managing Director - Financial Enterprise

"I have been very impressed by his passion to help clients, his knowledge and ability to connect with clients. His Training, an excellent programme – I learnt a lot, most useful for someone like me. I am inspired to rethink the way I plan and present my work. Thanks for all your great work and your dedication to sharing/ teaching the rest

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Linda Mudaliyar Chief Executive Officer

"I have been exposed to a number of training and coaching programmes but it would be unjust for me not to salute and appreciate a coach of this calibre. The presentation, notes, to the full application of research and knowledge to my adversities.
Mr. Vidyaraj proved remarkable. I experienced"

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Meenu Mary Thomas HR and Media Professional

Do u know that 6th November is celebrated as National Stress Day! Can you imagine a day to remind us of our stress levels and I think all of us are in this busy race for survival and undergo lot of stress and anxiety. Alkyme is going to be a one-stop solution for all type of anxiety and stress problems. I wish Vidyaraj, all the very best

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Ravish C K Master Consultant & Expert Faculty

Vidyaraj in his new avatar is instituting this organisation called Alkyme, is designing tailor-made programmes for adult learners (individual or small groups) and also for corporate executives in various organisations.

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Hemun Vishnu Swaroop Anchor and Fitness Expert, India

“I would like to talk few words about Vidyaraj and Alkyme. I have known him for so many years and have travelled together - Vidyaraj has personally met so many Gurus and he has actually travelled in the path, so he knows that. The knowledge is everywhere, now we get so much knowledge in internet and books. But, this is something which is like practical knowledge. Alkyme is like helping us to get that ultimate happiness and peace which we yearn after putting all our energies in life. All the best and kudos for the great efforts you have put for making this possible.”

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Dhinesh C B Senior QA, Aquity Solutions

“I have known Vidyaraj since 2007, when I first met him in Kolkata during an event and till date our friendship continues. People may think, Alkyme means transforming ordinary metal to a precious metal (like gold). In reality, Alkyme is transforming your being to a wonderful being for which you have come to the earth and making you believe what you are not. At the same time, making you believe who you really are and helping you to go beyond mind-body construct and to make wonders in your life and todevelop love in every human. I hope this dream of Vidyaraj will definitely make a tremendous transformation in people’s life."

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Dr. Bindu Cherian Gen. Dentist & Oral Implant Ontologist

“Having known Vidyaraj for the past 4 years, I have been highly impressed by the way he handles a situation and extends help to others. I am quite sure that this new venture that is launched now, is going to reach great heights. Wishing him all the very best and hoping he becomes of great help to many.”

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Karthik Subramanyam Product Engineering Director

When I first met Vidyaraj, he gave me wonderful tips about how to handle stress, anger and how to manage team and work pressure. I really benefited out of this and I hope you guys also get good results. I am happy that he is offering this course formally through Alkyme.

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Sarath Muralikrishnan Strategic Consultant , East Biz Inc.

"I have been working with corporates for the last 6 years. Actually I met Vidyaraj two years back. After the meeting, I came to realise his knowledge and experience not only in business mentorship but also he is an expert in Leadership Training, Personal Transformation Training. I am very happy that he came with the idea of Alkyme and I am sure that this is going to help a lot of people especially in the corporate world as there is a great need for such initiatives. I wish all success to Team Alkyme and Vidyaraj.”

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